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Some Excel Example Workbooks and VBA Codes


VBA Codes

Find a Value in Column A using a loop

Loop Through Sheets and get Value from a range

Get a value from a formula in each sheet

 Loop through sheets and filter

 Find Values Delete Rows

 Copy and Paste examples using VBA

 Populate Combox No Duplicates

Alternate to looping by using Evaluate

Delete Row when Criteria is met

Place selected cell to center of screen

Get OpenFileName

Loop Through A String

Automating Worksheets with Worksheet Events

Entering dates onto a worksheet - Excel VBA

Sum Between Blanks or text, Copy just text, Select non-blank cells

Message Box a range of cells with a loop (msgbox)

  Create a Button and make a macro for it

Loop Through a Folder

Copy File from One folder to Another

Stair Headroom Calculator

PDF Invoices

Dependent Drop Down Lists-Data Validation

 Most Popular Excel Questions





Range Selection Codes

Excel Examples

 Degrees Formula

 Another Vlookup example

 Vlookup from a different sheet

 Create 150 worksheets at once

 Userform Vlookup

 Fraction in userform

Add Items to an existing Combo Box

 Save Macro

 Show and hide picture by cell value

 Letters to numbers

 Hyperlink Macro

 Add to list UserForm

 Back Up to Specific folder when closing Excel

 Select Picture from Drop Down Menu

 Enter Data, Click button to Move data to correct column

 Populate ComboBox with No Duplications

Select a Drop Menu to Determine another Drop Menu

 Select a Column to Sum

Workday Function

 Select picture Insert on Sheet

Excel Draw lines using VBA

Extract Numbers from text

 Find Row and Column

 Create a UserForm

Dependent ComboBox