Excel information

Using the Combo Box Control

VBA Codes

Combo Box from Controls Tool Bar


Add Developer Ribbon
Go to excel options and select Customize Ribbon
Check Developer Checkbox

Add Developer Tab

Select the Developers Tab =>insert
Select the Combo Box from the controls tool bar(ActiveX)

Select Combo Box 



Create a list for the Combo Box and name the  the Range "List" and the Sheet List

Make List Name Sheet-Name Range

Name the Range, Select the range, then Enter the Name in the Name window shown below.

Name List Range

Set the Properties of the Combo Box 
In the Developer Tab make sure Design Mode is Highlited.
Right Click on the Combo Box Control and select Properties


Set the Font,  List Fill Range, and the Linked Cell.
-This example uses C2 as the Linked cell because the combo box is on top of C2
when a selection is made from the combo box, C2 will be what the Combo Box is. Then you can use the formulas using C2


Use C2 as the formula


Select from Combo Box and the formula will reflect what was chosen.


Down Load the Example

Active X Combo Box