Excel information

Degrees Formula

Degrees Formula
Enter 2 numbers and get the degrees, unprotect sheet to see the formula

Another Vlookup example

Another VLOOKUP Example
VLOOKUP Example2.xls

Vlookup from a different sheet

Vlookup Data in other sheet
Vlookup Other sheets.xls

Create 150 worksheets at once

Here's a sample to add 150 sheets to a workbook and place a value in range A1 naming the sheet that value

Userform Vlookup

When in a UserForm select an item from a comboBox and return a value to a textBox using Vlookup
UserFormVlookup ForTextBoxes.xls

Fraction in userform

If you are using a userform and want to use fractions, here is an example, also has an example looping code for a bonus
fractions in userform.xls

Save Macro

Save Macro
You may have a Worksheet that you don't want altered, but saved as a different Workbook using two ranges as the Workbook name:

Show and hide picture by cell value

Hide pic according to cell value
Hide unhide pic.xls

Add Items to an existing Combo Box

If you use a ComboBox from the controls toolbar this is how you could populate it and add to it
Add Items to ComboBox.xls

Letters to numbers

Change Letters to Numbers UDF
This Formula changes letters to currency  and uses data validation to ensure you enter CAPSs in Column A
LettersToNumbers UDF.xls

Hyperlink Macro

Hyperlink Macro

Call a macro when selecting a hyperlink
HyperLink Macro.xls

Add to list UserForm

Add items to a list in a worksheet using a User Form

Back Up to Specific folder when closing Excel

When closing excel you will be asked to backup the workbook and the backup name will be saved as whatever is in C1 and then the date and then the actual workbook name

Select Picture from Drop Down Menu

Select the picture from the drop down(Data Validation) menu
The pictures are on Sheet3

Enter Data, Click button to Move data to correct column

Populate ComboBox with No Duplications

Select anywhere on the sheet to repopulate the ComboBox



Select a Drop Menu to Determine another Drop Menu

Want to determine what a drop down menu should be by selecting another drop down menu


Drop down to select another drop down menu.xlsx


Stair Headroom Calculator

Enter the Wall Height, Joist and Subfloor Depth, and beam depth to determin Headroom Issues.
Use the slider to make opening Smaller or Larger. Macros must be enabled for the Stair Headroom Calculator to work.

Draw a Shape with a Chart and get the Area

Use the Up and Left columns to make your chart and get the area

 Calculate Area In Chart .xlsx



Workday Function

Add the number of workdays to a date
Check out both examples

Draw Lines using VBA in excel

Input numbers in a userform to draw lines on a sheet

A work in progress, but you get the idea.


 Click the button to show the userform, then enter the numbers


Questionair Example-Using Worksheet_Change Event

Use Dropdown to Select Question And another Dropdown to select the answer. Then keep track of the results.