Excel information

PDF Worksheet and Saveas Cell Ranges, Then open PDF with a Userform ComboBox

-Want to save a spreadsheet as a PDF and Save it by whatever value are in a range of cells.

-Then use another workbook to load a ComboBox with the PDF file names, select the name and the PDF opens.


First we need to set up the application.


Download the Invoices folder and put it in your C:\ drive.


 Invoices Zip


Download the other two workbooks. With the input workbook, change the three cells and then click the PDF Button.



The code PDF"S whatever is in the print range and saves it as whatever is in the three cells.



 Open the "Get Info" workbook, click the Show Userform Button and select the PDF file to open.

Workbook Get Info





 Once you have select the PDF file it will open.





 Download the files



Get Info.xlsm