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Select a picture from a Dropdown Menu, Excel 2007

Selecting a picture and then entering a formula in the Formula Bar cannot be done in Excel 2007

Special Note: Clicking OK is assumed in a dialog box.

 Select Sheet2  and rename it,  Pics

First set up the pictures like shown below



Select D2 and name it House but do not select the picture do this by  selecting the Formula Ribbon and then select Define Name.

  Name the Range House

Do the same for the other ranges.

Create the Lookup Table


Name the list for data validation by selecting F2:F5 and naming it ListPics

Select the LookUp Table and Name it LookupList.

Go to sheet1 and select A2

Select the Data Ribbon and select Data Validation, In the Allow Box select List and in the source box enter =ListPics


You now have a dropdown list to select the pics

The next Instructions are required for Excel 2007

 Go back to Define Names and define the formula ShowPic

Enter the formula



Insert an Object,

Select the Insert Ribbon and select Object. then select Bitmap Image

Paint will show up, so you will have to close it.


 This is what will show on the worksheet.

Replace the formula with




In another cell enter the Vlookup Formula


 This is the final result


Select the dropdown in A2 and see what happens.


Check out the example workbook.

Select Picture From Dropdown.xlsx